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Thoughts on Therapy

What works for one person in therapy may not work for another. That's why I am dedicated to providing an individualized approach, integrating additional dimensions—mind, body, and soul—to support your unique healing journey.


Our physical bodies play a vital role in our overall well-being, even though this aspect is often overlooked in traditional therapy. By embracing the profound influence of our body's intricate systems, we can unlock new avenues for healing and growth.


The connection between the body and mind is a central aspect of my therapeutic approach. Our minds are intricately connected to our brains, which consist of various parts and systems. Achieving balance and harmony between these elements allows us to experience a state of "flow" and well-being. Imbalances, on the other hand, can manifest as anxiety or depression-like experiences, signaling the need for realignment.


By incorporating the body into our therapeutic work, we tap into the power of embodied experience. It's akin to the difference between an actor merely reading a script versus fully immersing themselves in a role or discussing strategies versus actively engaging in action. When we engage our bodies, the therapeutic process transforms, leading to deeper levels of healing and self-discovery.


Beyond the physical (and the purely evidence-based), I firmly believe in the significance of addressing the soul in therapy. Spiritual questions hold immense value and can shape our experiences and choices. By exploring these deeper dimensions, we expand our understanding of ourselves and our lives.

In my counseling practice, I integrate these beliefs, my professional training, and a custom blend of therapy modalities to create a safe & transformative space for your healing journey. Together, we will honor the interconnectedness of your mind, body, and soul, unlocking profound growth and well-being.

...(in therapy), spiritual questions matter.

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