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This work continues to prompt me deeper into how we are experiencing ourselves.

About Me

IN MY EARLIER LIFE, I spent 10,000 hours surrounding myself with actors. First, I was one. Then, I spent time in talent agencies, getting them work. Then, as a casting director, I hired them. I’ve coached actors. I’ve directed them. I’ve photographed them.


I lead with this, because it has informed who I am and what I do now. My path, with all its turns and scenic vistas, is always motivated by an enduring itch to “see, be seen and to be met.”


That same itch drove me to another 10,000+ hours of learning — dropping in to pure body processes. Zen Buddhism (cultivation of mindfulness, stillness and presence), Yoga (moving with purpose and alignment) and 5 Rhythms Dance (movement of full expression). I now understand all these pursuits as strategies of grounding in the right brain and not fleeing to the left brain to escape from pain. Pain all of us feel in various ways.


This level of work continued to prompt me deeper. I continued to seek ways to unify right and left brain — the thinking and the feeling, the creative and the practical, the brave and the reactive.

I spent years in the Mankind Project, where I came to understand just how much shame men in our culture hold, and how crucial it is that we process this. I learned that often another man’s work is my work, too. 


I completed a Master’s of Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, which helped me to understand how the soul can be a part of the work.


My second masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch, rounded out all of that experience with the important knowledge base that is needed to provide the care and support I hope to offer you.


Oh, and dogs. Only later in life did I come to the realization that indeed GOD spelled backwards is DOG — and no, I don’t consider that a coincidence.

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